Annual dues expire on December 31, 2016. Be sure to download a membership blank from the website and mail it in. Remain a member in good standing.

Membership Levels

Regular Membership

Single members $25.00

Life Membership

Life membership fees are $100.00.

Patron Membership

Any person who contributes five hundred dollars ($500.00) or more to the Organization shall be a Life Member thereof and shall, in addition thereof be appropriately recognized as a Patron of the Grand Prairie Historical Organization.

Corporate Membership

Any small business that contributes $250.00 shall be classified as a corporate member.

To Join

To become a member of the Grand Prairie Historical Organization,
complete the membership application, attach dues, and return to:

Grand Prairie Historical Organization
P. O. Box 532173
Grand Prairie, Texas 75053-2173

NOTE: The form may be completed online, and printed after completion.

For questions, click here to contact our president.

Lifetime Members

Robert H Archer, Judy Armstrong, Billy Joe Armstrong, Billy Bancroft, Chuck Bancroft, Howard Bancroft, J.D. Bancroft, B. Adelaide Eckman Banister, Greta Berry Beckler, Carol Bell, Grant Bell, Bebe Bingham, Brian W. Bingham, Joan Zuspann Bronstad, Verna Brown, Lisa Chennault, Thomas Chennault *, Jo Robertson Campbell, L.R. Cannon, Pat Watson Capps, Marion Cato, Sharon Chaparas, Helen Chennault, Thomas B Chennault, City of Grand Prairie Marketing, Bill Claybourn, Joan Longorio Claybourn,Jorja Jackson Clemson, Joe W. Colwell, Kay Conelly, Marge Copeland, H. Victor Copeland *, Doranna Corley, Jerry Corley, Reggie Crump, Rochelle Crump, Bobby Donaldson, Scott Donaldson, Cheryl Friman Dover, Karen Eddlemon, Richard and Annette Edmonson, Charles and Janice England, Kirk and Marcy England, Alice Stanfield Ernst, Paul Wayne Ernst, Olive Galloway, Angela Sutton Giessner, Don Goldsmith, Norma Robertson Hale, Loni Haran, Marvin J (Jack) Hays, Lee D. Herring, Thomas Hight Sr., Gary Hill, Betty Bell Hulse, Ruthe Thompson Jackson, Vera Jinks, Laurie Hulse Johnson, Blythe Kizziar, Ouida Chapman Lewis, Duane McGuffey, Linda McNeff, Kenneth R. Miller, Lynn Motley, Betty Phillips, Laura Thompson Potter, Mickey Powell, Charles Powers, Kathy Ritterhouse, Bob Roberts, Kathy Kaderka Sherrill, Susan Shuffler, Fynlon and Eugenia Simpson, Janette Skrasek, Ouida Daugherty Smith, Amy Sprinkles, Donald Stanfield, Joyce Colwell Stanfield, Marie Kerr Stufflebeme*, Marshall Sutton, Donald Taylor*, Kenny Tyler, Paul and Madie Vernon, Sammie Ausmus Walker, Sarah Wellis, John Wright, Judy Broyles, Bonnie and John Cockrum, Bill Moser
* Deceased

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Grand Prairie Historical Association Membership Application


Meeting Schedule

Dechman Day - January 2

Quilt Show - January 20, 10am - 2pm
Held at GPHO Museum

Wine Testing - February 10
Held at GPHO Museum

GPHO General Meeting - February 15, 11:30
Held at GPHO Museum