About GPHO

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Grand Prairie Historical Organization is to promote and preserve the history of Grand Prairie, Texas by collecting, preserving and interpreting that history through committed volunteers who translate that to others while maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

Vision Statement

The Grand Prairie Historical Organization will be a vibrant organization through which people may encounter, explore and learn about the past. With diverse audiences and Dallas County’s unique heritage at its core, GPHO is intended to help those individuals an educational helps others understand the City’s rich heritage.

In pursuit of this vision, GPHO will:

  • Identify, collect, and exhibit significant historical materials related to Grand Prairie Texas and surrounding counties.
  • Conduct quarterly meetings that promote this history with speakers and programs that help translate the Mission and Vision Statements.
  • Provide leadership in the responsible preservation of, and public access to, these historical materials.
  • Encourage excellence in research, documentation, and interpretation of historical materials.
  • Foster an appreciation of the importance of historical materials to enrich public understanding of the past and present.
  • Promote pride in both individual and community heritage.
  • Respond to the community's needs to explore and examine issues critical to its past and application to contemporary life.
  • Provide support to historic preservation initiatives in Grand Prairie, Texas.
  • Maintain mutually beneficial relationships and alliances with educational institutions, the business community, government and other community organizations.

2018 Slate of Officers

The Nominating Committee Chair will present the 2018 Slate of officers at the November Meeting. Nominations for all offices, except President, may be taken from the floor with prior approval of the person being nominated.




The board would appreciate hearing from any of our members willing to fill a vacancy on the board or serve on a committee. Your involvement in the Grand Prairie Historical Organization is valuable to us. Please email president@gphistorical.com.

Meeting Schedule

Saturday, October 7, 10:00AM - 2:00PM

Pioneer Day & Museum Grand Opening Celebration

Thursday, November 16 11:30AM - LUNCH
Regular Meeting, Program TBD

*The GPHO Board meets the second Monday of each month.