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JFK Visits Grand Prairie


Grand Prairie, Texas, September, 1960

In the July 25, 1960 issue of LIFE, the magazine reported on JFK's nomination as the Democratic nominee in terms that left little doubt that a formidable figure - and not some mere Harvard pretty boy - had arrived for good on the national scene. Of jack and his 34-year-old brother and campaign manager, Robert, the magazine wrote: "Steam-rolling the crafty old pros of the party with ruthless efficiency, they brought a new era of American politics and delivered the Democratic party to a brand-new and youthful set of owners and operators... The older pros, resentful of [JFK's] methods and his success, had argued that he was too young and unseasoned. But their argument failed against a towering fact: Kennedy had the magic essential for a candidate, the ability to get votes."


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Jul 19, 2012
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Bebe Bingham
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Vigor with Kennedy
In October 1960, the then candidate John F. Kennedy came through downtown Grand Prairie on his campaign tour. Grand Prairie residents in attendance remember the excitement and thrill of hearing the future President talk of the "vigor" of our nation. (I was 6 mo. pregnant with our son, Brian, at the time.) As I stood there, I was mesmerized by the charismatic Kennedy.

In 1986 I was named as the Principal at the new John F. Kennedy Middle School in Grand Prairie. At the opening dedication, I made a speech and related the story of being a young bride, standing in downtown Grand Prairie, and being very impressed with Kennedy in 1960. When I got home that night, my husband told me he had been at the school and had heard my speech. "You lied" he said! "Lied?--what do you mean--I lied?" "Yes, you said you were a YOUNG bride when you saw Kennedy!" Gee, every woman needs a joker for a husband--and, yes, he too had "vigor"!

Bebe Bingham

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